CDW Teams With VAR On Managed Service For HP Printers

CDW, a provider of technology products and services to business, government, and education, will administer the program, which caps toner and printing maintenance costs over one, two or three years with a single invoice. Designed to simplify supply ordering while providing reliable and fast repair service, OneRate is specifically targeted at small businesses to help them control printing costs.

OneRate subscribers call a single toll-free number to order HP toner and to report printer malfunctions. CDW will ship the toner to any office location with free ground shipping. If a customer needs printer servicing, a team of Danka's 1,200 technicians will respond within two hours to resolve the problem by phone, or to schedule an on-site visit no later than the next business day.

The OneRate service is inclusive and does not charge for extra parts or labor. Prices are determined according to the quantity and model of printer(s) used by the customer. All owners of new and existing HP LaserJet printers are eligible to participate. This includes color and monochrome laser printers, as well as multi-function laser printers. In the future, OneRate may be expanded to encompass products from other manufacturers.

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