EMC Rounds Out Its Portfolio

The new portfolio creates a go-to-market strategy around basic customer storage management needs such as consolidation, continuity, comprehensive backup archiving, compliance and classification, said Derrell James, senior vice president of EMC Technology Solutions, Hopkinton, Mass.

Many of EMC’s services capabilities are acquisitions the company has made over the past two years, including content management services from Documentum and Microsoft-based IT services from Internosis.

John Orr, president of Stack Computer, a solution provider in Irvine, Calif., said it has been approached by EMC to either resell or subcontract its services. “They were looking for help in areas where we complement them in skill sets or resources,” he said.

The first part of the portfolio is EMC Residency Services, under which customers who lack specific skill sets can bring in EMC to assist with day-to-day operations, James said. EMC Managed Utility Service combines on-site services with billing, and EMC Storage Management Services helps manage a customer’s storage environment, he said.

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These services are available for either resale or delivery by channel partners, James said. “If we have channel partners who are focused on selling EMC products and feel it is important to back it up with residency services, we will train them to participate in those services,” he said.

Stack resells EMC’s resources, including residencies, but does not subcontract to the vendor. “Their subcontracting rates are not attractive,” Orr said. “Services are our value.”

For residencies in particular, Stack’s personnel are too expensive, Orr said. “EMC has the breadth of people to do residencies. Stack people are like brain surgeons. You don’t want to use brain surgeons to monitor the patient. EMC has brain surgeons and nurses,” he said.