MSP Platform Vendor LPI Crafts Enterprise Pricing


LPI's Medium Enterprise Site (MES) license is priced for partners offering managed services to customers with 250 to 1,000 PCs and up to 50 servers, Peter Sandiford, CEO of Ottawa-based LPI, said in an e-mail. Multiple MES licenses can be combined to scale beyond the 1,000-PC, 50-server limit, he said.

LPI plans to formally introduce the MES offering in the coming weeks, according to Sandiford.

LPI's Managed Workplace enables MSPs to remotely monitor desktops, network devices, servers and applications using tools such as remote control, patch management and scripting. But because large organizations tend to have their own IT staffs, LPI is pitching MES as a way to offer remote managed services to enterprise customers plus complement their tech support personnel, Sandiford said.

"This provides a unique new opportunity for solution providers to provide point managed services in collaboration with an internal IT group," Sandiford said in the e-mail.

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MES is priced at $200 per customer site license per month for up to 24 licenses, and it falls to as low as $100 per site per month for batches of 100 or more licenses, according to LPI's latest price list. LPI's Service Center management platform must also be purchased with MES for $1,250, which is an annual licensing fee, according to LPI.

Previous licensing SKUs from LPI covered a maximum of 250 devices. The 250-device count SKU costs $60 per site license per month for up to 24 licenses.