MIR3 Offers Intelligent Notification API To Integrators

Integrators will have access to a development community for automated notification solutions that could support government employees.

MIR3 is launching an OEM marketing program called inWebServices Powered by MIR3 Intelligent Notification. Members will get on-demand access to MIR3's application programming interface (API) user group and API developer and tech-support forums.

Reminiscent of the open-source development platform Eclipse, the program is intended to encourage collaboration among partners and save development dollars by expanding on the MIR3 inWebServices notification platform, which is built on the SOAP 1.2-compliant XML J2EE standard. There's no cost to join, but registration is required.

Also, MIR3 will offer the Intelligent Notification Solutions Directory, a catalog of member-created solutions.

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