Kaseya Introduces New Tools, Support Resources For MSPs

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Managed services platform vendor Kaseya is introducing new tools this week to help MSPs better sell and market their offerings to customers.

Kaseya's emPower program includes a marketing tool kit, education offerings and resources that MSPs can leverage to provide better coverage, said Dan Shapero, senior vice president of marketing.

Kaseya's new IT Monitor Assist offering includes personnel in North America, Europe and Asia that MSPs can access to ensure that customers needs are met at any time.

"We recognize that our customers have manpower challenges. How do you step up to your next big managed services contract, how do you deliver on 7x24 [support]? We have a services desk that can be out-tasked," Shapero said.

Round-the-clock coverage has been an issue for some MSPs and resources were not available directly from Kaseya. Some Kaseya partners formed their own alliances to back each other up for 24-hour support. Now the vendor can help, executives said.

"Essentially, we are the eyeballs behind the monitors. The challenge for an MSP is for their staff to react to all the alerts. Our staff behind the MSP can be available for 24x7. We'll look to identify business critical events in a proactive way and alert the the situation to the MSP, who owns that customer can react to those issues," said Tim McMullen, COO of Kaseya.

IT Monitor Support is a premium addition to Kaseya's offering and would cost MSPs as low as $2 per seat per month, McMullen said.

"We've done something that the partners would not be able to easily do on their own. Philosophically, they will be able to deliver better services and delivering 7x24 doesn't mean they'll have to sleep with their beepers," he said.

Iniitally, Kaseya will notify MSPs when an alert happens, but take no further action. In the future, Kaseya plans to offer an additional response service that won't require action on the MSP's part, Shapero said. The level of response will be determined by the service-level agreements, he said.

"The value point is at 3 a.m. something happens, and the system reboots, we don't wake you up. When you come in in the morning, rather than deciphering a bunch of monitor alerts, the important ones can be escalated," he said.

Meanwhile, Kaseya has stepped up its marketing for MSPs with the emPower Toolkit, which includes sample service level agreements and catalogs, and information on how to define services around the Kaseya platform, how to migrate customers and how to price the services.

"Partners need to get a vision of how they're going to operate. [Prior to this], we had a product brochure and a couple of partners shared their pricing templates. Now we've taken and made it brandable. There's a proposal template they may not have had before. All this stuff ties together and it's like a starter kit for managed services," Shapero said.

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