Kaseya Managed Service Platform Offers On-Premise Option

Kaseya Managed Service Edition–G1 includes audit and inventory, monitoring, remote control, trouble ticketing, management reporting, patch management, scripting and more, according to Jim Alves, executive vice president of strategy and product marketing at Kaseya.

“It’s a whole package of stuff that these guys typically need and want and don’t have time and resources to put together themselves,” Alves said.

The G1 edition is a strong fit for SMBs starting at 25 seats, he added. “Historically, our average customer has been 1,000 seats, but we have plenty of customers for 25 seats, 50 seats, 100 seats. Our structure didn’t fit that market well,” Alves asid.

Pricing begins at $1,000 for a 25-seat starter system for Kaseya MSE – G1, which also includes add-ons such as maintenance and support for the first year, online training and access to an online customer community. MSPs can also use MSE-G1 as a starting point to upgrade customers to the more powerful Kaseya K2 product line, according to the company. Typically, as customers grow to 500 or 1,000 seats, they’ll need the power of Kaseya 2 and the functationality that it brings, Alves said.

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“Even though there’s an appetite for SaaS-based stuff, there’s some stuff they might want to install locally and put it on their own servers,” Alves said. The reality is it’s their choice. Some customers might want an on-premise solution and we want to provide the choice for those people. I wouldn’t say it’s K2 light. Its platform is built on a common code base. It’s a little easier deployment methodology. It doesn’t have the depth of security and integration. It has a little different remote control capabilities. It has the same things MSPs are going to need starting out.”