RMM Upgrades A Continual Path For Continuum

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Ricketts: Full MDM [mobile device management] support is something we will be delivering the second half, later this year. I don't have any exact time, but we expect late Q3 early Q4 to have that functionality.

George: It would have been easy for us to come up with something of parity that others have in the market today. But, we made a conscious decision not to do that. We wanted to have a meaningful MDM offering that allows you to do more comprehensive provisioning, partial wipes, full wipes, things that no one else is doing today. We are upping the ante. We could come up with something to put a check box on the list but, that's not our style. What you will see from us when we do launch is very comprehensive.

Where does Continuum stand on providing support for virtual environments, including both Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix?

Ricketts: We've got the full VMware support today. So, we're really expanding that into other hypervisor areas, including Citrix Xen. That's something we should have by the end of the year.

From a bigger picture perspective, how many of your partners are providing really full functionality and using most of your products versus just one or two products but not a full, comprehensive solution from Continuum?

Ricketts: Our big philosophy is we want to bundle in premium tools as part of the RMM license. Relative to the applications we've been talking about, whether it's anti-virus, remote access support, it's all part of that. Now we have Continuum Network Detective. Bundling in that premium capability as part of that software license is our philosophy. From that standpoint, that's usually where we start with a client. Typically, we talk to them about our service offerings, and Service Desk is something we usually do right after we onboard them. That's something that we've had good pickup with. We've had a service desk in the market since 2006. That's something a lot of partners don't know, how long we've been in the market with a desktop service [desk] offering. We have well over 10,000 end-user desktops that we support through that offering.

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