Tigerpaw Boosts PSA Platform With Mobile, Cloud Elements

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Tigerpaw partners attending the conference told CRN that while some of the new technical details might seem trivial, they would lead to big productivity gains because of what can now be accomplished using a mobile device in the field.

"The biggest problem I have with technicians is getting them to log their time before they leave a client. Now, there should be zero excuses as to why they can't do anything," said Lawrence Reiber, owner of Tanda Technologies, a Toronto-based solution provider.

"My initial response was, 'Finally.' It felt a little slow to market," said Joe Little, general manager of Laketec Communications, a North Olmsted, Ohio-based solution provider. "I feel like half my current job description is asking my techs to get their times in. So, if this is in their hands all day every day, there's no excuse not to get them in. It seems like it will remove a lot of barriers and if they're getting those in on time that hopefully helps billing, cash flow and everything else."

Trans-West Network Solutions, a Phoenix-based solution provider, previously didn't have a mobile way for technicians to log time and asked them to call in their time for each job. Herbert Rosen, president, and Maria Mitchell, customer service manager, also agreed Tigerpaw Mobile would boost productivity in that area.

"I'm a process person, and what I've wanted to be able to do is tell a customer when they call in,'Yes, your tech is en route,' " Mitchell said. "This'll make life easier."

Mobile data collection will provide not only accountability for staff but also provide useful data patterns, said Fred Holzsager, managing member of Holzsager Technology Services, a Fairlawn, N.J.-based solution provider.

"I think this will give us greater metrics to identify shortcomings or gains in our business that we should be tracking," he said.

Tanda's Reiber added that he hopes Tigerpaw incorporates more features into the mobile platform.

"I'd love to see a mobile version of the Dispatch Portal," he said. "We don't have someone sitting there at a dispatch; we're only seven people."



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