CA Updates Identity Management Service Solution

The overall suite includes three components that can be used either separately or within a single integrated service. The first is an advanced authentication component designed to combat unauthorized access through various forms of strong authentication and risk analysis. The second component involves identity management designed to augment processes around user provisioning and de-provisioning, as well as a variety of other user management functions. The system is also interoperable with Active Directory or LDAP-compliant directories. And, the third component involves single sign-on capabilities that feature identity federation in a unified, scalable cloud-based solution.

"It is complex technology that does a lot," said Lina Liberti, senior vice president of product management at CA Technologies. "It's being offered through direct sales as well as through the channel. Partners can either resell it or acquire the software and stand up their own service to provide day-to-day administration or build managed services around the CA back end, while the data center, the hardware and the upgrades are all handled by us. It's a wide spectrum of available business models, ranging from resale to SaaS to managed services."

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To help simplify matters around establishing accounts, the platform leverages social networks to assist in gathering information about the person. The objective is to streamline the process by dynamically adding information that is already known about that individual through Facebook, Gmail and similar venues. "When you set up your Gmail account, you put a lot of information in there," said Liberti. "If we can leverage that information automatically, we can streamline our usability, which makes it easier to set up."

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The platform is expected to be highly supportive of a wide variety of industries.

"It's very horizontal," she said. "We're targeting large companies that are looking at reaching out to their customers with this concept around standards-based federation and the ability to leverage social media. So, this would include everything from banking to marketing for any business or to support loyalty programs."

Pricing starts with a base tenant set-up fee of $10,000 plus $5,000 per service. Monthly fees are based on the number and types of users.