Level Platforms, Datto Integrate Technologies To Boost Managed Services

After rolling out a new technology integration program for managed services late last year, Level Platforms has announced that Datto, Inc. has become the first vendor to build their own service module under the new program.

The module enables MSPs to manage Datto's backup and disaster recovery technologies from the Level Platforms Managed Workplace remote monitoring and management platform.

The Managed Workplace platform uses agentless technology to deliver management and automation features designed to enable service providers to offer remote support for a variety of IT products and technologies for the small to medium-sized business segment through a single pane of glass.

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"Eighty percent of the activities performed by MSPs in managing vendor technologies can be done through our dashboard," said Peter Sandiford, CEO of Level Platforms. "A drop-down menu takes the managed service providers to their module. The MSP's can then see all of their customers with this vendor to verify the backups and deal with any issues that may emerge. If they wish, the vendors can also automate certain functions. For example, if the backup fails, it might automatically launch a second attempt. Each vendor can build in the capabilities that best suit their needs."

The program's toolkit, which comes with an SDK and related services, is designed to help vendors create and manage their own presence on the dashboard, thereby streamlining administration for the service providers.

A similar service module was previously piloted with Symantec before the program was formalized, but a number of similar rollouts under the new program is expected to continue through the year and beyond, Sandiford said.

"Datto is the first vendor out of the gate since Symantec," said Sandiford. "It only took them a few weeks to deliver a very deep integration that delivers a low-cost and a very effective way to provide a compelling experience within our dashboard. It's a unique and competitive differentiation for the vendor."

Sandiford said that developing the module can attract MSP partners through the added efficiency of selecting that particular vendor. "They will be far more likely to choose the vendor with the module than a competing vendor without one," he said.

Program participation comes with a small fee, but Sandiford said that the costs are mostly based on recouping expenses. "We are not going to turn this program into a real profit center," he said. "Our real interest is in building enhanced capacity and efficiency for our MSP partners."