Kaseya Offers SaaS IT Tools On A La Carte Basis

Users, MSPs and channel partners can select from a variety of tools that support file share audits, which track the creation of file shares; user audits, which track user accounts, access privileges and configurations; software audits, which provides an inventory of installed applications; and security audits, which track endpoint security settings, including update status, and Windows patch status.

"We've developed the ability to segment functionality out of our core platform into the individual tools, explained Kaseya Marketing Vice President Gerald Beaulieu. "Customers previously would have to buy the full solution, which may be more than they need, or it might require a lot more people involved in the buying decision. We've in essence carved up our product into focused, market-driven areas based on the pain points of IT professionals. All these functions were present before, but they were not available in segments like this. Over time, we will extend this to other areas that are process-based and more industry-based. You'll definitely see us move our value proposition further up the stack."

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According to Liz Lederer, Kaseya's senior vice president of field marketing and channel sales, the move is part of an ongoing effort to help partners become increasingly independent, more flexible and more highly skilled in their abilities to install and support the software.

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"Our partners find it very exciting because it reduces time to value," she said. "Partners can specifically choose the parts of the value proposition that can help build a turnkey solution for their customers."

Free versions and subscription license offerings are available, depending on user needs. The subscription-based offerings include a broader feature set plus 24/7 support.

The company is also announcing the re-introduction of its SaaS bundle, Kaseya Essentials. The bundle has been reconfigured to add more value to businesses of all sizes and is available as a free trial. Pricing starts at $5.75 per user per month.

Kaseya is privately held and based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it has more than 30 offices in more than 20 countries.