7 Resources To Help Revamp Your Compensation Plan

Looking for help in figuring out how to compensate your sales force as your business evolves toward a recurring revenue model? Here are some resources to put your plan in motion.

"SaaS Sales Compensation Made Easy:" This blog post by Joel York on the Chaotic Flow website offers some good nuts-and-bolts advice and, equally important, formulas for figuring out the best way to compensate sales representatives in a recurring revenue business.

Chaotic Flow's ebook, "SaaS Sales Models: Strategic and Organizational Choices:" It's available for download at chaotic-flow.com.

Service Leadership (www.service-leadership.com): A firm that helps solution providers maximize the value of their assets and "optimize the reward they receive for the risks they take." Offerings include business models and benchmarks, best practices, training, consulting and peer group advice.

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TruMethods (www.trumethods.com): A consulting firm that helps solution providers make the move to managed services, including adapting their sales processes to a services model.

"Compensating the Sales Force: A Practical Guide to Designing Winning Sales Reward Programs:" Authored by David J. Cichelli, (McGraw-Hill, 2010) and available from Amazon.com.

Video: "Recurring Revenue Model: How to Meet the Challenges and Capitalize on Opportunities:" A video from a March 20, 2013, ProformaTech session. Proformative is an online resource and professional network for senior finance and accounting professionals.

David Skok blogs: Skok, a former entrepreneur who now works for venture capitalist Matrix Partners, wrote a series of blogs exploring the economics behind a Software-as-a-Service business, including managing sales with a recurring revenue model. They include "SaaS Economics – Part 1: The SaaS Cash Flow trough" and "SaaS Economics – Part 2: Scaling the Business"