Kaseya Rolls Out SaaS-Based Performance Monitoring Platform For MSPs

The Traverse solution, available now to MSPs, provides SaaS monitoring capabilities, business service management and predictive cloud analytics for enterprise-level clients. The product came to Kaseya as part of the company's July acquisition of Zyrion, which created the Traverse product, for an undisclosed amount.

With the new platform, Kaseya has rebranded Zyrion under the product Traverse and upgraded it to be SaaS based. The "game changer" is the SaaS offering, which consolidates the amount of monitoring tools and easily allows MSPs to scale up their offerings, said Jeff Keyes, senior marketing manager for Kaseya, in an interview with CRN. Keyes said no other company offers SaaS-based performance monitoring platform.

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"The answer in today's world is one monitor for cloud, one monitor for networking, one monitor for yadda, yadda, yadda. Unless you put it all in one, it makes it really hard to correlate all of this stuff together. That’s what Traverse does," Keyes said.

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The product allows for a simplified pricing model and easy large-scale implementation, Keyes said. As many MSPs are struggling in an increasingly competitive marketplace, the capability to handle a variety of clients, from small businesses to enterprises, allows MSPs to differentiate themselves from their competition, Keyes said.

"I think this is a game changer," Keyes said. "MSPs have struggled with trying to differentiate from each other. ... In that sense, they're struggling with how much value do they offer to customers and what they are going to do. Traverse changes the story for them."

Keyes said MSPs that don't have the capabilities to scale up are in danger of missing out, but Traverse makes it easy for them to make that switch.

"Hey Mr. MSP, if you're not doing enterprise-class monitoring, you're missing an opportunity," Keyes said.

In particular, it opens the doors to services opportunities some MSPs may not have otherwise had before, such as network management.

In particular, it opens the door for MSPs to offer services such as network management, which they might not have otherwise had the capabilities to do before. As they add more services, they are also able to prove how well the services are doing through more in-depth monitoring.

Going forward, Keyes said Kaseya is going to continue to expand its SaaS monitoring capabilities.

"Kaseya absolutely is going to expand this solution out and offer richer and deeper solutions going forward," Keyes said.