Milestone Systems Buys EnterEdge Technology To Bolster Security, Grow Footprint

Security and infrastructure VAR Milestone Systems has acquired information security-focused VAR EnterEdge Technology in an effort to meet the growing concern over emerging data threats, the Minneapolis-based company announced Monday.

Merging with the 13-year-old Atlanta-based company will further reinforce Milestone Systems' focus on security and impact its geographical presence, said Mark Greer, president of Milestone Systems.

"The world we live in, there is definitely a shortage of talent from an engineering standpoint and everybody is vying for resources," said Greer. "[This acquisition] brings consolidation of talent that didn't necessarily exist in the past especially around the managed services arena. We viewed that as tremendous value to the marketplace and we want to take it nationwide."

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According to Greer, the acquisition brings the company a total of 100 employees. Jay Hodges, founder of EnterEdge Technology, will take on the role of executive vice president and oversee the southeast region.

"I've known Jay for three years, and he alluded [to an acquisition] for the past year, so it made sense to integrate the two companies together, take the service operating side and get two synergies out of the company and take it nationwide," said Greer. " We are strong in the southeast, central region, and I hope this year we grow in other parts of the country such as the southwest."

The acquisition will bring EnterEdge's managed security solutions, service offerings, employees and clients to the table, and it will further enable Milestone Systems' authorized training program to deliver educational and training services, both executives said.

"With our managed security solutions, I'm excited to leverage and merge a much larger resource pool and expertise to bring a new level of services to the market," said Hodges.

"This acquisition brings a talent pool of engineers and instructors and brings customers that we didn't have in terms of managed services," said Greer.

Additionally both parties will benefit from a vendor-partnership perspective as Milestone has key relationships with Seattle-based F5 Networks, Juniper Networks and Palo Alto Networks. On the other hand, EnterEdge brings defining partnerships with McAfee and ForeScout.

"I think from a vendor-partnership perspective EnterEdge had several relationships with manufacturers and vice versa and bringing those relationships together is a lot more powerful message," said Hodges

This acquisition will ultimately lead to a stronger and better future for Milestone Systems, its employees and its clients, said Greer.

"It's a way to grow and we're looking forward to the future," said Greer. "It's good for employees from a career path where they have significant path to grow instead of leaving the company, and it's good from a client perspective because of the superior services we will deliver and the growth opportunity from a tech and sales perspective."