TruMethods Founder At XChange: How MSPs Can Grow Their Business Utilizing This One Concept

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In a motivational keynote address to the XChange 2014 crowd, TruMethods President and Founder Gary Pica said managed service providers can better their businesses by adopting one principle: Find and embrace your "superpower."

"Your superpower needs to be unique to you," he said. "It has to be based on process and delivered by people. If it's not a process, you won't be able to impact every customer in the same way. Once you get it, make your superpower your top priority."

Pica, who is a well-known mentor to solution providers and former head of Dynamic Digital Services, also pioneered the "schnizz" factor and runs annually the Schnizzfest, where mentors come together to discuss strategy and how to improve their business culture. TruMethods, a channel consulting organization that specializes in helping solution providers increase their services revenue, is based in Moorestown, N.J.

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Pica referred to Peter Drucker's line, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" in a morning session at XChange in San Antonio Monday. He said all MSPs who feel they're "stuck" at a certain margin point can boost their business by focusing on one aspect of their business that sets them apart from the rest of the market. Then MSPs would do well to hone in on that feature and make it their main focus.

Pica said he has taken the superpower concept to many of his own businesses and investments and seen extraordinary results. He referred to one business he is currently working with where customers were not pleased with the support they were getting. Pica said he encouraged their leader to develop a superpower and, from there, employees were motivated and worked harder.

"Does your team feel passionately? More than money, we all want to feel that we're a part of something that's bigger than us. We want to feel [like] what we do every day, which we spend most of our waking hours on, has meaning," he said. "The better your culture is, the less management you need. [Employees] police themselves."

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