TruMethods Founder At XChange: How MSPs Can Grow Their Business Utilizing This One Concept

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Shael Risman, CEO of PACE Technical Services in Toronto, said Pica's strategy through TruMethods changed his business. The audience Monday heard a testimonial from Risman, who said his company was in a lull, and it turned around by pinpointing its specialty. Risman told CRN he now makes triple in revenue from what he did before.

"We were spinning our own wheels. … We built this whole company based on relationships and, suddenly, relationships weren't the end-all-and-be-all," Risman said. "We found a way to integrate the relationship and service in a unique way. We got a lot of focus from Gary ... It's about having a face in front of a client and riding hard on standardization and best practices -- and bringing that to your client so they can actively see the work that's being done to bring them up to the level of technology they need to have."

Bill Steen, director of marketing for Brimfield, Colo.-based Level 3 Communications, said he was impressed with Pica's presentation following the session this week.

"It's always hard to really get that zeroed-in focus on that one thing that differentiates you," he said. "It's good to think about that one thing and see if it really can improve your business."

Mike Aquino of Cetan in Chesapeake, Va., said his company is finding its own "superpower" by defining its role for clients. Cetan has launched its methodology and branded it as SureFlight already, as Aquino said marketing becomes more critical for MSPs. He added he saw another TruMethods presentation several months ago, and as director of cloud solutions for his company, Aquino said it stuck with him.

"The difficulty is always in defining your role," he said.

Pica ended his San Antonio presentation saying he felt certain if MSPs found their superpower, it would not only change their business but change their lives. He quoted Muhammad Ali, who said famously, "What counts in the ring is what you can do after you're exhausted."

"I don't know how you can be an entrepreneur or a team member and not get exhausted along the way," Pica added. "When I think back to those past businesses, I think about most fondly those first years when it was hard … where we were literally a week away from a death sentence. … Now when I look back on those, knowing that's the price to pay to become world-class, I consider them the good ol' days."


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