RMM Software: Technology to Boost Your MSP Business

Modern technology is available to speed up managed service providers’ offerings and make businesses more efficient than ever before.

Boston-based Continuum released an online e-book to helps MSPs understand more about the capabilities of remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, which allows partners to instantly deliver maintenance and repair work for clients’ servers, desktops and mobile devices on the go. It's called, "RMM 101: Must-haves in Your IT Management Solution."

RMM software works by installing a small piece of software on each device -- an ’agent’ -- which allows the MSP to ensure a device is working properly. It can install patches and update software remotely, monitor networks to detect potential downtime issues, lock down devices that may be lost or stolen and much more. RMM functionality also includes alerting and integrated ticketing and automated recommendations.

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Joy Belinda Beland, managing partner of LA IT Girl in Los Angeles, said she has used Continuum’s RMM program for several years and found she can detect her customers’ issues before they even occur.

’The RMM tool would detect errors in the hard drive almost always before it actually failed,’ Beland said. ’It alerts us immediately if there’s an error on a hard drive. … [Dell], let’s say, can then ship us a new one. Then we go on site and put it on site and you’re able to replace it before it even went down. You’ve just saved this company a whole lot of money and you got a ruined hardware alert before it actually become a problem.’

This software allows providers to have a pulse on a client’s network and computer health, according to Mark Zahar, Continuum Managed IT Services vice president of channel sales. MSPs can offer proactive maintenance, troubleshooting and quick problem resolutions when issues come up, he said.

’When it comes to RMM, most people come to it after having migrated from the old break-fix approach because it’s better for the long term, and it’s a good business practice. Traditionally, the MSP made money with the break-fix approach when things went wrong, but that’s not great for the end customer,’ Zahar told CRN. ’The better approach is utilizing a full RMM platform.’

Beland noted she is aware of some solution providers who don’t use RMM and said it slows all parties involved down, which is why she recommends moving over to the full system.

’It definitely makes me a lot more money which enables me to have a better, more robust and well-trained staff. And where the savings come in really is for my clients,’ she said. ’They don’t have the reactive downtime and crises that they’re used to. … For me, it’s a money maker and for my clients, it’s a money saver. It’s a win-win that way.’

The e-book is a part of Continuum’s newly-launched MSP Resource Center, an online library of managed IT services resources that includes case studies, white papers and webinars to help MSP partners.

’Launching the MSP Resource Center is simply another step toward providing MSPs with high-value content assets, information and best practices designed to help them grow,’ said Dee Zepf, vice president of products and technical services at Continuum. ’MSPs are constantly working to understand new technologies and trends, maximize their existing investments and boost their marketing and sales enablement efforts. With the launch of the MSP Resource Center, we’re excited to continue contributing to their success.’