Cloudnexa Launches AWS-Managed Cloud Package Partnership With Sumo Logic, Trend Micro, AppDynamics

Philadelphia, Penn.-based managed service provider and premier Amazon consulting partner Cloudnexa has teamed up with Sumo Logic, Trend Micro and AppDynamics for a comprehensive managed cloud offering, the companies said Tuesday.

The offering will sell an Amazon Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering layered with managed services and other vendor solutions to build a package solution for Cloudnexa's midmarket customers, Cloudnexa CEO Joel Davne said.

Cloudnexa will provide the go-to-market engine and a fully cloud-managed solution from AWS, leveraging its position as one of 22 global AWS Premier Consulting Partners. Sumo Logic adds its experience with machine data, Trend Micro its threat protection capabilities and AppDynamics will bring its comprehensive monitoring and analytics to the table.

"It is very unique. We don’t see anyone else doing it and we've been doing it really from the beginning," Davne said.

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What makes the solution unique for clients against other offerings out there, Lisa Brown, Cloudnexa vice president of marketing and sales operations, said is that through packaging, clients get a quick solution with services wrapped around at a lower price point. The ideal customer for this type of solution, Brown said, is a midmarket client with 15 or more servers, a customer-facing web or application that needs to analyze traffic and some sort of compliance requirement.

Davne sees this partnership as a "message to the market" that strong technology partners such as these, which were all ranked highly on Gartner's Magic Quadrant ranking, are starting to seek out and operate through the partnership model.

"Hopefully, this is the beginning to bring more of the technology firms into the delivery model," Davne said.

From the vendor side, Sumo Logic CMO Sanjay Sarathy said working with the Cloudnexa team will help its clients get more value out of its cloud investments.

"One of the reasons we're really excited to work the Cloudnexa team is really if you look at the marketplace the number of companies making big steps and moving applications to the cloud ... I think what's really interesting about this offering is that at the end of the day, people want to get value out of that move to cloud ... this packaging of really critical infrastructure elements on top of this managed services is a reflection of how customers want to get value out of their cloud. I think that’s the reason why this will be of value to all," Sarathy said.

Matthew Polly, senior director of business development at AppDynamics, said that while bundling best of breed services and vendor solutions isn't a new idea, aligning the pricing structure of them all is a growing need in the marketplace. He said he sees customers demanding it more and more, and solution providers and ISVs will have to comply.

"The proxy for value in a cloud-based environment is changing and licensing structures need to map to that value or customers will find alternatives," Polly said.

Polly praised Cloudnexa's sales success to companies $1 billion and under, an area AppDynamics hasn't historically targeted. He said this partnership is innovative because it combines all of the components into a "single, easy to consume bundle."

"By bundling these capabilities together, the customer gets everything they need to ensure their cloud environment is robust enough to support even the most mission critical and sensitive application workloads," Polly said.

Going forward, Davne said the company plans to focus on the current partnership and its launch, with possible additional enhancements down the road.

"Tactically and strategically we are a small business we need to work with our partners to make sure we hit all the proper delivery points and I think we're going to spend the next quarter or so refining our messaging and delivery and meeting customer requirements," Davne said.