Bedroc Acquires OneSource Computing To Boost Security Offerings

Bedroc, a Franklin, Tenn.-based solution provider, acquired OneSource Computing, a security services company with headquarters in the same location.

With the acquisition, Bedroc believes its customers will benefit immensely as the company can deliver additional security offerings in the markets that it serves.

"This is a team of engineers that will come in and work with our professional services team but have a specialized focus on information security," said Bedroc founder and CEO Chase Wilkinson. "Nashville is a significant health-care city and security is obviously top of mind for a lot of these businesses, especially the ones in health care. This puts us in a position where we have one of the largest dedicated security teams in the area. That's really going to help our customers."

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Wilkinson said the opportunity for the acquisition presented itself in the fourth quarter of 2014 with mutual interest from both sides, leading to a deal getting done quickly.

"It gives [OneSource] the ability to focus on the core areas where it's strong, while leveraging the strength of a larger company," he said. "This really allows it to fulfill its original goals of being focused in security and continuing to grow that out."

Bedroc was founded in 2009 and was ranked No. 45 on the 2014 CRN Fast Growth 150 List with a two-year growth rate of 107.67 percent. The company focuses on hybrid cloud, secure and connected enterprise and application performance and visibility, and it's that focus on a few areas that Wilkinson said sets Bedroc apart. The company isn't trying to be everything to everyone, he said, but rather experts in a few areas.

"What's driving a lot of business for us are the consolidations and acquisitions that a lot of our customers are going through. They leverage us to help them implement standards within those acquisitions so they have a consistency across their enterprise," Wilkinson said. "Mobility is the other piece. We are doing a tremendous amount of infrastructure work around wireless and other things to accommodate mobility. Customers leveraging mobile devices for their applications is driving a huge need around wireless this year. We're making sure their infrastructure is architected so they get the most efficient use out of those tools to help the business.

Going forward, Bedroc doesn't see a need to slow down, as the company looks to continue to expand across the middle-Tennessee market before increasing its reach to adjacent cities.