Mphasis Launches Customer Experience Management Solutions To Capture Digital Opportunity

To help its clients better take advantage of digital technologies, $1 billion IT solutions provider Mphasis has launched a solution set to help its customers use digital technology for better customer experience management.

The solution set -- Mphasis Digital Customer Experience Management, or CEM -- brings together the solution provider's expertise in customer experience management with key vendor solutions from Adobe, MCorp, Lavastorm, Artificial Solutions and more.

The CEM solutions package includes a 360-degree view of customer experience across channels, faster response times, optimized vendor mix to reduce operation costs and a variety of channels to handle customer experiences.

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The launch is in response to a "dramatic shift" in IT services toward digital technologies, Mphasis CEO Ganesh Ayyar said in an interview with CRN. Ayyar said customers are more willing than ever to explore disruptive technologies and, to that end, are demanding more digital technologies as they look to remain relevant to their clients. That demand is driving significant growth already for the Bangalore, India-based company's digital technology pipeline, he said.

"You will see a huge gold rush [for digital technologies]. We are seeing that, but in this gold rush, there's is clearly a difference between people who are talking about it and people who are doing something about it," Ayyar said.

Forrester Research analyst Megan Burns agreed, saying in a statement that in order to offer "truly differentiating customer experiences," companies will have to start drastically changing the way they are operating. In order to do that, she said, they need to use tools to close the gaps around performance, convenience, personalization and trust.

"Companies must go beyond good intentions and adopt business disciplines to turn their aspirations into reality," Burns said. "Companies must take their customer experience efforts from ad hoc to mature."

Digital is both a challenge and an opportunity for IT services firms such as Mphasis, CEO Ayyar said.

While Mphasis is a sizable solution provider at around $1 billion, Ayyar said it isn't large enough to be "everything to everyone," so it has to bet big on key specialized technologies and competencies, such as the digital customer experience.

"We don't want to be everything to everyone," Ayyar said. "We just want to be specialized and be the best."

To that end, Ayyar said, Mphasis' strategy has been to take its initial strengths in operations and BPO, and add capabilities around what it sees as the three key areas of digital: operational optimization services and compliance, risk and governance.

Ayyar said he sees moves such as this one as the key to differentiating Mphasis in the market, especially against other India-based IT outsourcing companies. While most offshore companies are still about 80 percent to 90 percent traditional outsourcing businesses, Ayyar said he believes the new technologies will become a major part of Mphasis' portfolio going forward. For example, he estimated that governance, risk and compliance would be between 40 percent and 50 percent of new revenue for the company.

To position Mphasis for this opportunity, Ayyar said he expects that the company will make more investments and launch more solutions in the coming weeks and months.