GreenPages CEO Dupler: Cloud Computing Race Hits Record Speed With Some Set To Crash

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GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler told 113 IT executives Monday that the high-stakes cloud computing race has kicked into high gear, comparing it to a field of race cars going into a banked turn with some companies destined to crash into the wall.

"We are feeling G-forces and getting pushed back in our seat," said Dupler, kicking off the company's CloudScape 2015 under the banner "Dare To Disrupt."  "We don’t want to hit the wall and crash and burn."

Dupler took the race car analogy to the finish line with a slide of a NASCAR crash, followed by a NASCAR driver holding up a trophy. "We are in a high-stakes period of change in the industry, and those who live to figure it out are going to live to see some great days -- and those who don't are going to bump their heads a bit," said Dupler.

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GreenPages, the $130 million national cloud superstar, is riding into that high-velocity turn with its Transformation Services Unit, which was launched in April with a $1 million investment to provide customers with the revolutionary technology along with the "people and processes"  to completely transform their businesses. The Transformation Services Unit is layered on top of GreenPages' existing elite technology team.

"I told our team internally -- 'We are lucky!' " said Dupler. "We are hitting this turn now, but we have seen it coming and have been prepping for it. Some people in the solution provider community haven't. Those people are feeling a lot of pressure right now."

The pressure on traditional IT infrastructure vendors and solutions has hit a fever pitch this year, sparking a rapid downturn in traditional IT infrastructure spending and a record pace of mergers and acquisition in the solution provider marketplace, said Dupler.

"Companies are trying to buy their way into where they need to be, and others are bailing because they don't see how they can get through the turn," said Dupler. "That is driving a lot of the consolidation we are seeing."

The traditional infrastructure solution provider that does not step up to help companies transform is destined to hit the wall, said Dupler. "The traditional infrastructure business -- what was paying the bills -- is shrinking and going away," he said.

Charles Araujo, founder and CEO of the IT Transformation Institute, Bridgewater, N.J., applauded GreenPages for stepping up aggressively to address the midmarket IT transformation challenge.

"There are not a lot of solution providers driving a practice like the GreenPages Transformational Services Unit," he said. "Kudos to them. They are approaching this in the right way, addressing it holistically, not from a strictly technology perspective."

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