Pulseway Launches New NOC Services To Assist MSP Startup Growth

Mobile remote monitoring and management (RMM) company, Pulseway has added network operations center (NOC) services to its offerings, an addition that executives say will help smaller MSP customers scale as business ramps up.

"Offering a NOC service, and the specialist team around it will help our customers shift from the mundane, repetitive tasks and instead, continue to focus on the things that matter to grow their business," said Marius Mihalec, Puleway CEO and founder.

He explained that Pulseway’s RMM platform, which was built to be accessible on mobile platforms – including iOS, Android and Windows – was designed to help "early stage MSP’s," servicing as few as 25 endpoints.

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But, he said, the MSP market is picking up, and many of his customers are picking up more and more endpoints at a pace that can be difficult for young companies to scale to.

"I have customers with as few as 25 endpoints, and before you know it, there are 500 endpoints. This is happening a lot lately, and this is where we can help out," he said.

By listening to his customers during on-boarding sessions, Mihalec said his clients were consistently asking for assistance scaling. So, he said he decided there was a strong demand for a NOC solution to help MSPs scale faster, saving them from the growing pains of hiring and training new staff just to add more endpoints.

The Dublin, Ire.-based company’s NOC offering has been built out over the last four months Mihalec said, and it now consists of two new offices in Ireland and Bangalore, India.

From those offices, Pulseway staff will provide around-the-clock NOC services for customers enrolled in one of two programs.

The first, entry-level offering, is a monitoring service run by Pulseway. MSPs with this service will be able to count on Puleway’s NOC to monitor all devices and review alarms while filtering out false positives and alerting the MSP via email, phone or text.

The entry-level option also allows MSPs to customize monitoring thresholds, configure their own notifications and escalation policies. Pulseway will also provide reports, alarm resolution tips, access to a best-practice monitoring library and new customer on-boarding services.

However, the company is also offering and advanced, management service as well, which will provide everything that the entry-level option offers, while also providing NOC engineers to remediate alarms based on an agreed upon set of tasks and run lists.

The management option also offers access to a technical service desk to MSPs can assign tasks, create user accounts, adjust permissions, reset user passwords and add printers and printer queues.

However, even though Pulseway is providing its two most popular service options as individual levels of its new NOC services program, Mihalec said that each client will have the opportunity to personalize their service to best fit their needs and budget.

"[This new NOC offering] its important for our customers to be successful and meet their customers’ needs. Our customers success is important for us, … and we understand that there is no one-size fits all," he said.

Moving forward, Mihalec said Pulseway is looking to continue releasing more services throughout the year to assist his clients’ growth.

"There is an increased demand for managed service providers [in the market,] … it is a great time for MSPs," he said.