Versa Networks Enhances SD-WAN Offering, Helps MSPs Add Services To Enterprise Branch Offices

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"What resonates extremely well with MSPs is the concept of the future-proof network," Fink said. "I can put a very inexpensive device at the branch and … after the initial investment, the software and services we can deploy on that appliance enables the MSP to future-proof that network."

Fink said what stands out about Versa's technology is their routing heritage. "Their advanced routing capability is superior to any of the other SD-WAN guys out there," Fink said. "We have yet to find an interoperability issue that we can't design to, and that's really important because a lot of customers don't want to rip and replace appliances."

It's still early days for VergX's network-as-a-service offering featuring Versa's technology, but he said there are several MSPs running proofs-of-concept and the company has "several production locations running" on its cloud platform. With Versa as the technology supplier and VergX enabling the platform to move to market via MSPs more quickly, Fink said they're providing a solid alternative to larger service providers in the SD-WAN space.

"The difference is we're much nimbler, and we know the MSPs," Fink said. "And we're not going to compete with our resellers."

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