ConnectWise CEO: New Cloud, Remote Management Services Aim To Make ConnectWise The Center Of The MSP's Ecosystem

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ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini on Thursday told an audience of over 3,000 MSPs and technology partners that despite how much he hates the word "ecosystem," his company is doing all it can to be at the center of partners' ecosystems. 

Bellini, speaking at the IT Nation conference in Orlando, Fla., said an ecosystem must have a focus on customers and offer a wide choice of solutions and customer-focused services.

"It's about your services set, how you drive your services set, that is the whole glue that brings this together," he said. "We've put ourselves at the center of the ecosystem."

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Bellini identified 14 different technologies that make up what he called the "technology canvas" that encompasses the areas where partners can invest in services opportunities. These include copy and print; digital security; physical security; IoT; audio and visual; collaboration; line of business applications; office applications; network infrastructure; on-site computing; cloud computing; application development; and business intelligence.

ConnectWise brings together the kinds of solutions that tie channel partners to those technologies, Bellini said. "It's our job to connect to as many of these as we can to meet your needs," he said.

In doing its job, ConnectWise unveiled a number of new managed services, including a new unified console that will bring management of Cisco, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud environments into a unified console.

The company also showed off Perspective, a new service that connects a field technician's smartphone camera to the ConnectWise Control console so that a solution provider's in-house support person can see exactly what the technician sees.

Craig Fulton, ConnectWise chief product officer, demonstrated Perspective by showing how the remote smartphone image in integrated into the service ticket without changing screens. 

As part of the demonstration, Fulton showed that the remote smartphone could actually read the barcode of a remote device to automatically bring up information about that device into the service ticket.

In addition to incorporating remote video into the service ticket, Perspective can also be used to send junior technicians before being fully trained to remote sites to work closely with senior technicians at the central office, Fulton said.

"His vision fits with my vision of my own company," said David Stamm, CEO of Stamm Technologies, a Milwaukee-based MSP. "Clients do want more help with a wide range of services."

Stamm added: "You could do Facetime to remotely see what is happening in the field, but with Perspective, you see it in the ConnectWise screen. And that barcode reading is very important."

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