Acronis CEO: MSPs Can Double Revenue Through Partner Program

MSPs who go through Acronis’ whole partner program, including training, can grow their revenue with the cybersecurity and backup company by more than 100 percent, said CEO Patrick Pulvermueller.


The Acronis #CyberFit conference comes at an exciting time: Not only is the company celebrating its best year ever, but it has also welcomed a new CEO.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for every partner to do more with us,” said Patrick Pulvermueller, Acronis’ new CEO. “One number I mentioned today was actually our increase in revenue for the partners. If they go through the whole program, through the training and everything we have to offer, it delivers them almost 103 percent more revenue.”

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Pulvermueller’s arrival comes as Acronis experiences its best year ever, strengthened by outside funding and several acquisitions. He told CRN that Acronis’ acquisitions will bring value to the partner community.

“One of the last acquisitions we did was around EDR, which was primarily targeted to specific technologies, which we did not have ourselves, but we then did not leave this as a standalone product,” he said. “We fully integrated that feature because that‘s what we want to offer our service providers: one pane of glass, where they can serve all the different needs against all the different threats.”

Acronis sells exclusively through partners, which isn’t necessarily unique in the tech world. However, IDC analyst Phil Goodwin says the ecosystem Acronis has created is a key differentiator.

“You know, the traditional value added reseller brought a lot to the table and the previous sales models now, where we see that value going is really in the cloud service provider or the managed service provider, where they‘re the ones who are creating demand for the product,” said Goodwin.

One of the partners seeing the value of becoming an MSP in the security space is Cramer Snuggs, founder of Cascade Technologies, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“We closed nearly all of our existing clients with a managed security services package, as well as the addition of a couple of new clients, which resulted in literally our monthly recurring revenue doubling,” he said. “With [Acronis CEO Pulvermueller], what I really see is that continued growth, and I think that‘s really going to start to shine over the next year.”

It‘s a journey that began in 2003 when Serguei Beloussov founded the company. He continues to say that the technology is strong enough to fend off some of the worst ransomware attacks.

“The important thing, which is not done quite as well by many of our competitors is that they cannot do automatic forensic,” he said. “We can do automatic forensic, which allows us to do better prevention. We also can recover.”

Acronis’ key market differentiator centers around its integrated platform. Partners can customize on top of the platform with their own solutions.

“You touched on a very good point. It’s not the ability of partners. It’s the presence of partners,” Beloussov said. “So, our technology is never sold or mostly never sold to an end-customer. … It’s designed for partners to better manage and protect the infrastructure.”

#CyberFit2021 took place from October 25- 27. For more coverage, visit our Acronis newsroom.