Cognizant’s Microsoft Business Group Talent Lead Departs, Moving On ‘To The Next Episode’

‘On Friday I put a bow on my 10th Magnitude (and Cognizant‘s Microsoft Business Group) career,’ Mike Denton, North American talent and training lead at the Microsoft Business Group of systems integrator Cognizant, posted on LinkedIn.


Mike Denton, North American talent and training lead at the Microsoft Business Group of systems integrator Cognizant, has left the company.

Denton said he ended his time with Teaneck, N.J.-based Cognizant on Friday, according to a LinkedIn post published Wednesday. Denton joined Cognizant – ranked No. 6 on CRN’s 2021 Solution Provider 500 – in 2020 with the acquisition of 10th Magnitude.

“On Friday I put a bow on my 10th Magnitude (and Cognizant‘s Microsoft Business Group) career,” Denton said. “What an incredible and enjoyable five years it’s been. Awards, boats, and a million laughs later, I find myself feeling grateful and lucky to have been a part of it all.”

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Denton posted a goodbye to employees of 10th Magnitude on LinkedIn, Microsoft Business Group and fellow Cognizant acquisition New Signature, saying, “Thank you. I am hopeful we bump into each other again soon. …to the next episode.”

CRN has reached out to Denton and Cognizant for comment. Denton did not state in the post where he will work next.

At Cognizant, Denton led “Recruiting, Training, Development, and Culture for North America inside the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group,” according to his LinkedIn account.

Denton served as vice president of talent at 10th Magnitude for about four years. In this role, he helped “build a great team and culture, attract and retain top talent, partner with leaders to align cultural sustainability and talent management practices with strategic objectives, create a world class experience for both potential and existing employees, and encourage people to stretch themselves and laugh every day,” according to his LinkedIn.

Before joining 10th Magnitude in 2017, Denton served as a vice president of human resources for a variety of companies, including EZLinks Golf, Lextech Global Services and Geneca, according to his LinkedIn.

In his farewell post, Denton tagged eight 10th Magnitude executives, saying, “It was a true honor to be part of such a great leadership team.”

He tagged former 10th Magnitude CEO Alex Brown, former Chief Operating Officer Christopher Lewis, former Chief Growth Officer Lori Borg, former Senior Vice President of Sales Mark Smith, former Chief Technology Officer Ira Bell, former Senior Vice President of Business Development Jason Rook, former Senior Vice President of Services Ryan McDonald and former Chief Financial Officer Michael Bennett.

Brown, Lewis, Borg, Bell and Rook all commented on Denton’s post offering congratulations.

After the acquisition, Brown, Rook, Bell and Smith did not join Cognizant, according to their LinkedIn accounts.

Brown is a board member of various companies, including Tenacity and Protera.

Rook joined Microsoft cloud rival Amazon Web Services, where he’s worked for more than a year. His title is global modernization program lead for systems integrators, according to his LinkedIn.

Bell sold a separate company called Recruit Media in 2021. He was a co-founder and chief technology officer of Recruit, according to his LinkedIn. In 2021, he founded space exploration technology company Space Elements.

Smith left 10th Magnitude for Microsoft, where he currently serves as director of strategic partnerships for the tech giant’s worldwide commercial business, according to his LinkedIn.

Borg and McDonald worked at Cognizant for about a year after the acquisition, but have since left, according to their LinkedIn accounts.

Borg is currently senior vice president and chief growth officer at MCA Connect. McDonald is currently a principal engineering program manager with Microsoft, according to his LinkedIn.

Lewis and Bennett are still with Cognizant. Lewis serves as general manager of the Microsoft Business Group’s retail unit. Bennett serves as chief development officer for the group. He is also an advisory board member on Bell’s Space Elements company, according to LinkedIn.

Cognizant has kept up its acquisition spree, spending $2.5 billion on 20 acquisitions since 2019. In December, it completed the purchase of software consultancy and product development company Devbridge.