N-able To Drive Microsoft 365, Azure Sales With Spinpanel Buy

N-able has acquired Microsoft 365 and Azure standout Spinpanel to helps its MSP community drive Microsoft sales.


N-able is seeking to take its Microsoft cloud business to the next level for its massive MSP community with the acquisition of Spinpanel, which specializes in managing, automating and selling Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions.

“We believe the addition of Spinpanel to our team will help our partners optimize the value of their Microsoft Cloud products and, in turn, give Spinpanel customers access to a wider array of IT management and security solutions,” said N-able President and CEO John Pagliuca (pictured) in a statement Wednesday.

Founded in 2015 as a cloud service provider (CSP) spin-off, Spinpanel is used by a growing number of Microsoft partners to help reduce complexity and profitably scale their Microsoft business.

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The Netherlands-based company owns a multitenant Microsoft 365 management and automation platform built for Microsoft CSPs to automate the provisioning, security and management of all Microsoft tenants, users and licenses in a single consolidated hub.

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“The ‘cloud’ is no longer a talk track in presentations; it’s an adoption speedway for IT professionals,” said Pagliuca. “However, while the cloud presents an enormous opportunity, it also adds to the increasing complexity of IT environments and that, coupled with labor shortages, can undermine its full potential.”

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

N-able’s Plan For Spinpanel

N-able, which spun out of SolarWinds in 2021, provides a full technology stack with integrated monitoring, management, security and ticketing to over 25,000 MSPs worldwide. A significant majority of N-able partners manage and resell Microsoft Cloud services for their small- and midsize-business customers.

Spinpanel provides self-service options for users and gives detailed insight into Microsoft 365 and Azure billing, licensing and usage data to its customers.

The acquisition is set to help N-able partners alleviate two challenges: IT talent shortages and moving to the cloud to drive more value for customers.

In turn, Spinpanel customers will have more direct access to the N-able portfolio of scalable solutions and free educational and marketing resources to help them excel at every stage of growth, according to the companies.

‘There Is No Reason Why The Cloud Should Be Out Of Reach’

The integration of Spinpanel’s technology into N-able’s product portfolio is set to occur during the third quarter.

“We are thrilled to be joining the N-able team so we can extend the vision we’ve had for our Microsoft Cloud enablement technology and get it into the hands of an even greater pool of CSPs and IT professionals,” said Spinpanel CEO Bendert Post in a statement. “There is no reason why the cloud should be out of reach, including Microsoft Cloud, which dominates most of the IT world. It’s really a matter of having the ability to harness its full capabilities while centralizing the ability to manage it. We’re making that vision a reality.”

N-able fuels MSPs with powerful software solutions to monitor, manage and secure their customers’ systems, data and networks.

Burlington, Mass.-based N-able went public on the New York Stock Exchange last summer at $15.37 per share. The company’s stock currently sits at $9.34 per share as of Wednesday morning.