Splashtop Teams With Pax8 To Bring Secure Remote Access To More MSPs

‘We really abide by this belief—succeed together with the MSP, with the channel, and then our customers will benefit in the whole process,’ said Splashtop CEO Mark Lee.

[Video Transcript]

CRN: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Partner Program Pitch series. I’m your host, Rachel Espaillat, and you’re watching CRNtv. As solution providers up their game to meet customers’ demand for the hottest technology, the right vendor partner program is key to their success.

In this episode, Splashtop CEO Mark Lee joins me to talk about how the remote access and support software and services provider is enhancing its partner program this year.

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Mark, thanks for joining me.

Mark Lee, CEO, Splashtop: Thanks, Rachel. Thanks for the opportunity to share about Splashtop with the community.

CRN: For those who are not familiar with your company, can you just talk about what Splashtop does?

Lee: Sure. Well, I actually believe thousands of MSPs should already know about Splashtop. We’re a leading provider for remote support solutions. So many MSPs use our product to remote support customers. And during COVID, obviously we have been very popular for remote work as well, supporting the whole hybrid work environment. So many MSPs have begun to resell our remote access, remote work solutions for a lot of customers.

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CRN: It’s time for your elevator pitch. Why should partners join Splashtop’s MSP Connect Partner Program? Lee: Yes, definitely we have a lot, tens of thousands of MSP customers already today, and the first way MSPs benefit is that they save money.

You know, when a lot of MSPs adopt Splashtop, the first thing they experience is [the cost effectiveness] and value of our remote support platform. So instantly in this challenging economy what we see is that people saving money is very, very critical. And we have a very strong business ethic so that we don’t just randomly raise prices.

A lot of vendors in the marketplace, SaaS vendors, they raise prices year after year, and a lot of time without warning. So if you look at Splashtop’s history, we keep our price very competitive and [with a] strong value, and we basically have not raised prices to any of our MSP partners. So we are trusted partners in this whole process.

CRN: And I know one of the key features that you have in the partner program is reciprocity, bringing partners into deals to help them understand how to sell Splashtop solutions. How does having that improve the experience for partners?

Lee: Because we have also definitely built up a strong security advisory team, and this is because cybersecurity is a key core area we see a lot of small businesses need help around. So by partnering together with the MSPs we can be together as a trusted advisor and actually some of the businesses have small IT teams in house too. So we actually have a way to support co-management as well in this whole process and this benefits the security posture of our joint customers and makes life of the MSP much better.

Ramin Keyvan, CEO, Rhino Network Solutions: Well, for us it actually opens doors, right? It’s a function of being able to walk in sort of hand in hand with a trusted partner, right? And the notion is how do we jointly allow this customer to step forward and meet their goals and achieve their dreams and how does what we bring to the table help us get that done.

And so as long as that’s the conversation, I’m always happy to participate. How do we get you where you need to go? That’s what I like, and that’s why I like working with them. They bring us in, and it’s a joint effort to try and make the customer better.

CRN: I hear you guys have some things in the works with Pax8. Can you share some of the details?

Lee: Yes. So we’re very excited about the upcoming partnership with Pax8, and Pax8, for many MSPs, well it’s very well known. For many MSPs they offer single billing, monthly billing, and Splashtop will be offering a range of products through Pax8 as well, making it simplified for MSPs. We would like to make it easy for MSPs to do business with us.

And at the same time Pax8 also has a lot of focus around security, so a lot of people probably buy, for example, Office 365 through Pax8, and Azure Office 365 offers a single sign on and so the version from Splashtop will also have the option to tie to single sign on as well, really enhancing, again, the security posture of the customer base and security is a big focus and theme for us ahead.

CRN: How would you say Splashtop’s partner program compares to others like it in the industry?

Lee: We do believe that we provide the best-in-class support in this whole process and earlier I mentioned we have a lot of security experts in-house.

Our goal is really to be that trusted companion with the MSPs to deliver the best-in-class values and secure platform for the customers. So actually the loyalty people have with Splashtop is unparalleled.

We have grown to where we are today, achieving our unicorn status and you know we’ve got almost 400 employees in the company. This whole growth process is really by listening to the MSP and listening to the customer and, together, growing the business together.

So we really abide by this belief—succeed together with the MSP, with the channel, and then our customers will benefit in the whole process.