Valeo Networks Co-Founder On The MSSP’s Rapid Growth

After acquiring five companies in 19 months, Valeo Networks landed second place on CRN’s 2021 Fast Growth 150 List. Matthew Hodson, co-founder and CIO of Valeo, shares some of the keys to success and advice with CRNtv.

After completing five acquisitions in 19 months last year, Valeo Networks ranked second on CRN’s 2021 Fast Growth 150 list.

This accomplishment is the result of the MSSP’s aggressive merger and acquisition strategy.

Here’s some of CRNtv’s interview with Matthew Hodson, co-founder and CIO of Rockledge, Fla.-based Valeo Networks.

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What would you say has been the key to seeing these acquisitions through?

I would say communication is key. That‘s one of the biggest things, because there’s just so much involved, right? The original Valeo Networks that my wife and I owned was the first acquisition. So I know the process, right? And there’s just so many pieces to it... so it’s just walking the potential seller through the steps.

Between the acquisitions and new solutions how does the company keep up with the constant change?

Well, we definitely want feedback from our staff and our employees, right? ...And then as far as new solutions, you got to kind of wait and see what makes sense.

What is the vision? Because I know you have this goal five to eight acquisition a year. Where do you see the company being in five years?

[CEO Travis Mack’s] initial vision is to be $100 million annual revenue is our goal right now. I see that getting bigger because we’re going to hit that pretty quickly at the pace we‘re going... So that’s his initial goal, but then you’ve got our core values that are tied into that, right? It’s not just about building this big company. We want to make sure our staff and employees are family.