Taking Your Business Paperless, Part 1

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For both landlords and tenants, the apartment industry is a complicated and document-dependent area. With the help of HP solutions, one company -- SyndicIT -- is bringing the competitive market into the digital age.

SyndicIT, founded in 2008, primarily targets property owners and operators looking to streamline their businesses. Regulations require some processes, such as signing a lease, to maintain a physical document. But others, including maintenance requests and lease applications, can be completed digitally "to avoid shipping expense and copy expense," said Principal Michael Radice. "The HP technologies are particularly adept at being able to provide those kind of full life-cycle solutions," said Radice.

SyndicIT also is bringing managed print services to apartment buildings, where many lobbies and offices hold a "fleet of scanners, printers and copying devices." HP's managed services solutions provide monitoring, maintenance and help-desk support.

"Not only is it more effective in an operational manner to utilize managed print services, it is economically more effective, as we have found, in terms of the cost savings when you have a managed services provider like HP doing that for you nationwide," said Radice.

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