Taking Your Business Paperless, Part 2

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HP Partner SyndicIT is bringing property management businesses into the digital age and helping property tenants go green.

"The property management industry up until a couple of years ago was not a very aggressive adapter of technology," said SyndicIT Principal Michael Radice.

However, with HP, SyndicIT supplies property owners and managers with a specific set of programs and strategies, with which they can feel confident in employing the latest technologies. Radice said his company can promise managers a full ROI within 12 months of initial investment.

In addition, SyndicIT runs a recycling program with HP that ranges from old computers to smartphones. Property owners can set up a depot at their communities to collect old IT equipment, and HP or one of its partners will pick up the pieces, typically on a monthly schedule.

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"The HP program allows you to either be reimbursed for things that have value ... or you can make a donation," said Radice. The recycling program also ensures that former equipment owners' security will be protected, with full wipes of serial numbers and certificates.

Overall, Radice described HP as, "Enormously embracing of vertical solutions as the high end of the solutions stack, which is indicative of what I see as a new HP."