MSPs Focus on Recurring Revenue

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It is no secret that one of the biggest challenges facing service providers today is maintaining a strong recurring revenue stream, and making the transition to that model alone can seem like an enormous task.

For 12 years, Ontario-based N-able has been helping service providers develop managed services practices, and in the past decade, it has led partners in making the leap to the recurring revenue model.

Vice President Frank Colletti recalled that 10 years ago he was "walking into resellers' offices, and talking about the transition to managed services and building recurring revenue, and out of every 20 people I met, I had one or two who looked at me and said, 'Hey, this guy’s onto something.’ The other 18 thought I was absolutely insane."

N-able promotes a twofold business model that incorporates remote monitoring and an automation platform, as well as the ability to understand market trends related to how SMB partners want to consume managed services.

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"Our mission statement hasn't faltered, and that's to help our customers, our partners, become the most successful MSPs in the world," said Colletti.