Dyn On Asia: 81 Percent Of Users Of Top U.S. Internet-Driven Companies Are Outside U.S.

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Internet performance company Dyn, based in Manchester, N.H., recently opened new offices in Singapore, signaling an increased focus on Internet users in Asia.

’One of the main reasons for the expansion into Asia Pacific is that 40 percent of Internet users worldwide are actually in Asia Pacific today, and 20 percent of those are in China alone,’ said Kyle York, Dyn’s chief marketing officer.

York said Dyn is ’really trying to capitalize not only on the user base, but companies that are trying to address that market -- whether in those parts of the world, or American companies or Western companies trying to take their companies into that area.’

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He called Dyn the "Switzerland of the Internet,’ which he recognized can be ’volatile’ worldwide.

Dyn specializes in Internet intelligence, traffic management, and domain and email services. Its customers include Salesforce.com and Twitter, and so there is a huge demand to be sure that that caliber of websites translates on a global scale. York pointed out that while 80 percent of the top 10 global Internet properties have headquarters in the U.S., 81 percent of their users are outside the U.S.

There’s an opportunity there for partners as well.

’You can’t reach the world directly,’ York said. ’So a lot of our partnerships are really integrated relationships with cloud solutions providers, Internet service providers, managed service providers.’

’The opportunity for partnerships in those arenas with those types of service providers are abundant, and especially when you think about regional distribution around the world. You can’t win everybody with a direct sales force around the world,’ he said.