MSPs: Inside The 'Opportunity And Challenge' Of New IT

MSPs say they have started embracing the Internet of Things as part of their overall business transformation as the IT industry undergoes rapid change.

’We have an opportunity and a challenge because the traditional world of IT is morphing. I won’t say it’s disappearing, but you know, the IT departments are not going to be as important as they have been in the past. They’re going to change,’ said Luis Alvarez, president and CEO of Alvarez Technology Group.

’The IT side, it absolutely is different because in the IoT space, the budget may not be in IT, it may be in budget and strategy,’ agreed Michael Lomanaco, director at Open Systems Technology.

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’However, now IT is a revenue generator and so those conversations and that understanding completely flipped and for us that’s a fun conversation to re-prop-up or reimagine what IT can be within a business,’ he added.

Dimension Data Director Lawrence Van Deusen said that with new technologies and service opportunities like IoT, one challenge is building the right staff.

’There’s a tremendous skills gap that we’re seeing, and we need to make sure that we’re bringing in new people, new ideas, and we’re expanding the traditional way that we look at IT every day. We all recognize that the focus that we may have had in the past is not going to be there to get us through to the future,’ he said.