Continuum CEO Discusses Company's $50M Investment In Helping Partners Succeed

Michael George, CEO of Continuum, sat down with CRNtv to discuss the company's $50 million investment in helping its partners succeed. With Continuum University in addition to a number of tools and development platforms, George said Continuum partners are the fastest-growing MSPs in the market.

The company has also been on a hiring spree," George said.

"We’ve invested a lot in our people. There are two main things we focus on: our people and our partners."

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The company now boasts 1,450 employees in multiple countries, including the U.S., Australia and throughout Europe.

"Over the course of last year we hired about 250 people, and it will be pretty much the same this year. So, lots of growth in that way," he said.

George also highlighted the fact that Continuum has been focusing on the product side with the launch of new network monitoring technology. Continuum has been really consistent about deploying more -- and better -- products for partners to leverage.

"We've invested over $50 million in helping our partners be successful," he said. "One thing we really pride ourselves on is the success of our partners ... it is absolutely our core."

George went on to explain that Continuum partners are MSPs that get the highest premiums in the industry for any of the acquisitions that occur, whether they get acquired by another MSP, or by a company in the office equipment space or telecom space.

"In 2016, our average MSP grew 32 percent, which is way above industry average."