Forrester VP Bobby Cameron: 'It's About Business' Not Technology

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Solution providers can be instrumental in helping businesses succeed in their digital transformations, according to one industry analyst.

"The key message is that it's not about technology anymore … it's about business," said Bobby Cameron, VP and Principal at Forrester Research, Inc. during the XChange 2017 conference last week. "This isn’t a brand new concept, but the speed is driven by the business." 

Cameron, during his keynote at XChange, noted that the demand for the solution provider skill set has never been greater. Businesses need technology guidance because technology changes are coming at them so fast. 

He noted how mobile phone technology is more than a decade old, but the way business users have adapted to the phone changes our expectations in business. "This very notion is what is driving the solution providers’ customers expectations,” said Cameron. "They change constantly, they are looking for new things, and they’ve got access to new information."

And with change comes opportunity.

Cameron explained that the goal of the solution provider should be to sell packages of integrated hardware and software – real solutions that fit a client's business and helps that client sell to its customers.

The value that solution providers can add to businesses is expanding, but it's different. Solution providers can't rest on their traditional sources of revenue if they want to succeed, said Cameron. 

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