HP: New Batteries Will Live As Long As Your Notebook

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Hewlett-Packard Monday started offering notebooks with "green" batteries that carry a three-year warranty--generally the life span of those PCs.

The Enviro Series batteries are marketed as environmentally friendly because they use Boston-Power's Ecolabel-certified battery technology, Sonata. The Sonata Li-ion battery cells deliver sustainable performance for three years, which, according to Boston-Power, is three times longer than most other notebook computer batteries. The batteries are also quicker to recharge than its competitors: Boston-Power said the units can be recharged to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes.

"The Enviro Series program gives PC users longer-lasting batteries that improve their computing experience while reducing the number of batteries that need to be recycled," said Jonathan Kaye, director of consumer notebooks marketing at HP.

The new HP battery is available as a $149.99 accessory for 18 existing notebook models, representing approximately 70 percent of HP's consumer notebook PC portfolio. Later this month it can be purchased as a point-of-sale option at an HP Web site.

The battery's "drop-in" form factor enables it to be used with existing computers--including models in the HP Pavilion, HP HDX, Compaq Presario and HP G series. A complete list of compatible individual models is available here.

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