New App Helps iPhone Users Get Organized

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iPhone app clutter got you down? A new app called Movement can help alleviate the pain. No longer will finding an app on your iPod Touch be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

For the well organized, the accumulation of apps on the iPhone/iTouch screen can be overwhelming and irritating in various degrees, depending on the user's level of compulsive behavior. Developer Jeff Stieler created Movement to let users quickly and easily rearrange their icons on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

While the application is free, right now it is available for the Mac only; Windows users will have to wait. In addition, a fairly large caveat is that the app is only for jailbroken devices. A jailbroken phone lets iPhone and iPod Touch users run unofficial code on their devices, bypassing the App Store. Apple considers jailbreaking to be a violation of copyright (and therefore would be a prosecutable offense under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act). A court decision on the matter is expected sometime later in 2009.

A video has been posted on CastTV demonstrating Movement.

Apple plans to integrate app organization functionality into the upcoming and widely anticipated iTunes 9. So if a jailbroken iPhone isn't appealing, hang on the line a little bit longer.

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