Apple iPod Touch Hits Snag Ahead Of Event

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Apple is ramping up for a product launch event, scheduled to take place on September 9 (that's 09/09/09), but a technical problem may be keeping one of the guests of honor from making it to the show.

It is likely that the long-rumored Apple tablet won't be making an appearance at Apple's scheduled press event, so speculation in the Blogosphere has turned to the iPod, predicting that Apple may be adding a camera to the popular music player.

But now, AppleInsider reports that technical problems with the camera modules may have thrown a wrench into Apple's plans.

Rumors surfaced in July that the iPod Touch would be getting a camera when the gadget Web site DealExtreme posted pictures of a protective silicone case purportedly designed for the music device. Those snapshots cranked the Apple rumor mill up into a full churn, with some believing that iPod may turn into a mobile VoIP handset.

But the new report from AppleInsider casts doubt on whether or not the revamped iPod Touch will see the light of day at Apple's Rock 'n' Roll-themed launch event Wednesday. Adding to the potential sense of delay and dread is a second report, this time from Hardmac, also noting that problems have surfaced that may be tied to the new camera module.

Still, even without the introduction of a camera-equipped iPod Touch, Apple supporters can still be excited for event that is taking place tomorrow. The Beatles expansion pack for the video game Rock Band hits the streets Wednesday, which could point to that prodigious music catalog landing in the iTunes library.

And the 09/09/09 event points to the first real opportunity for CEO Steve Jobs to return to the limelight after completing his convalescence following a liver transplant earlier this year.

Just because Apple isn't likely to roll out a tablet Wednesday and may be experiencing problems with its iPod Touch upgrade doesn't mean the company doesn't have something up its sleeve.

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