Report: iPhone, Android Make Strides In Mobile Browser Share

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Apple's iPhone and Google's Android are gaining significant ground in the race to dominate mobile Web browsing. That's the latest from AdMob, which makes occasional reports on which mobile devices are accessing the ads it provides to more than 9,000 mobile Web sites. AdMob reported that 40 percent of all queries for the month of August came from iPhones.

That's a big gain from the 33 percent AdMob had tracked for Apple back in February. The other big gainer was Google Android, whose share, according to AdMob, grew to 7 percent of queries from 2 percent in February. Palm Pre checks in at 4 percent of queries, and it's too new -- Pre launched in June -- to have comparable data.

Among those platforms that lost market share according to AdMob were Nokia's Symbian phones (down to 34 percent in August from 43 percent in February), Research In Motion's BlackBerry devices (down to 8 percent from 10 percent) and Microsoft Windows Mobile phones (down to 4 percent from 7 percent).

In terms of actual phones, AdMob's report ranks individual handhelds as a Top 20 for how much individual traffic they drive. Nokia, for example, has 12 of the top 20 phones for August -- at least those phones that query mobile Web sites served by AdMob -- and Windows Mobile has none. The iPhone has the top spot, and there are three BlackBerries on the list, too.

Additional data from AdMob suggests Android will continue to grow, with AdMob's ad requests growing 17 percent month over month from July to August, on the heels of a 50 percent increase month over month from June to July.

"Given the new devices launching in Q4," wrote AdMob's analytics team, "it could be huge holiday season for the Android platform."

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