Dell Adamo XPS Makes Public Appearance

Dell today publicly showed off Adamo XPS at an event open to the media, Gizmodo reports. The hardware maker did nothing more than wave the notebook around without providing any real detail about forthcoming PC.

The Adamo XPS will likely be the follow up to the Dell Adamo, rolled out by the hardware maker in March of this year. As it did with the Adamo before it, Dell is doing everything it can to provide as little information as possible about the new notebook.

Dell in September first teased the potentially new version of the Adamo XPS. A teaser Website, launched September 9, merely hinted at what the new hardware might entail. As far as technical specs were concerned, there were none. However, Dell did seem to indicate that the Adamo XPS would be an ultra-thin computer, likely measuring 9.99-mm thick.

Wednesdady's appearance by the Dell Adamo XPS marks the second time that the hardware has been spotted in person by the vendor.

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The Adamo -- which is Latin for "to fall in love with" -- was Dell's first attempt to market an alternative to Apple's MacBook Air. The Adamo will start at $1,999 -- not exactly chump change. Still, for the market it is aimed at, the price is competitive; the MacBook Air starts at $1,799.

Dell is banking on the design of the Adamo to be appealing enough to consumers that they can get past the initial sticker shock. Early details put the luxury notebook at 0.65 inches thick, about one-tenth of an inch thinner than the MacBook Air, and with a 13.4-inch glass screen. While the glass screen may give the Adamo a unique look, it also adds weight, with the notebook tipping the scales at about 4 pounds.

Right now Dell is mum on hardware specifications or a release date on the Adamo XPS.