Apple Fixes Buggy iPhone OS 3.1 With New Release

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Apple released an upgrade for its iPhone operating system, correcting several bugs that were introduced in Release 3.1, including one that occasionally kept the iPhone from waking up from sleep mode.

The upgrade comes as a leaked Gartner report predicts that the iPhone OS will fall from its current second place position in the smartphone OS market to third as Google's Android picks up market share.

The iPhone OS 3.1.2 that debuted Thursday replaces the 3.1 version that was released early last month.

The new release corrects several bugs, including one problem reportedly experienced by thousands of users in which their iPhone sometimes didn't wake up from sleep mode.

Other fixes correct a problem that caused a crash while the iPhone was streaming video and an issue that could interrupt the cell network services until the phone was restarted.

The Gartner report, which is expected to be released at the market research company's Symposium ITxpo the week of Oct. 18, predicts Android will gain 12.9 points of market share by the end of 2012, up from its current tiny 1.6 percent share (based on a total of 522 million units shipped). Android's rise will put it ahead of the iPhone's projected 13.7 percent market share (up from 10.8 percent today), according to a report on AppleInsider, which obtained a copy of the report.

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