3 Reasons Why Apple's Tablet May Be Fiction

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Where, oh where is that Apple tablet? Seems its configuration keeps morphing and the delivery date keeps moving. It just might be that Apple's tablet isn't meant to be. Here's why:

1. The date just keeps getting pushed further and further back. The latest report was the Apple Tablet would debut in March 2010. But now that's been pushed back, reports Digitimes, because Apple wants to switch out some components.

2. The delay is supposedly due to Apple wanting to debut two tablets at once. Rumor has it Apple will also offer a second tablet with a 9.7-inch OLED screen -- that's in addition to a version with a 10.6-inch LCD display. Here's an alternative: How about producing one hugely anticipated tablet device and seeing where the market goes? Then offer another version. Just an idea.

3. The pricing rumors are absurd for either product. The LCD price tag being bandied about isn't ludicrous at between $800 and $1,000, but it's still pricey. However, the OLED model could have a retail cost of $2,000. Granted, the OLED technology is brighter and more energy-efficient than the LED technology. But if it's offered side by side with the LED model, it'll be a tough sale, especially in the current economy.

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