iPhone, Android Devices Lead Smartphone Ad Serving

Mobile advertising network AdMob on Monday reported that half of the world's smartphone advertising, and over half of U.S. smartphone advertising, is served by Apple's iPhone smartphone, with Android-based devices coming in second in the U.S.

In the report, AdMob, San Mateo, Calif., wrote that 50 percent of ad requests worldwide from smartphones in October were served by Apple, with 24 percent served by Nokia devices and 12 percent by smartphone devices from HTC.

In the U.S., Apple's iPhone smartphones were used for serving about 55 percent of smartphone ad requests, followed by 20 percent using HTC smartphones and 12 percent using RIM's smartphones.

The AdMob report also showed that, in terms of smartphone operating systems, smartphones based on Google's new Android operating system are growing in popularity, especially in the U.S.

In the U.S., Apple's iPhone OS accounted for 55 percent of ad requests when using smartphones, compared to 20 percent for Android and 12 percent using the RIM OS. Worldwide, iPhone OS-based devices accounted for about 50 percent of ad requests, followed by the Symbian OS in 25 percent of requests and Android in 11 percent.

The complete report, which can be downloaded from the company's Web site, also includes country-specific data from India, Indonesia, the U.K., the Philippines, and South Africa.

The AdMob report is based on statistics from the over 15,000 mobile Web sites and applications worldwide for which the company is used to serve advertisements.

While the report is a good reference about the differences in the various smartphones and how they are used, AdMob does caution readers that its traffic "is driven by publisher relationships and may be influenced accordingly," and so the data may not be representative of the mobile Web as a whole.