3 Reasons iPhone App Development Is Booming

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The app development momentum behind the Apple iPhone picked up more steam this week with Tapulous, which has created a number of popular applications for the iPhone's App Store, including Tap Tap Revenge, reporting that it is pulling in $1 million a month in sales.

Tapulous' booming sales numbers take direct aim at the myth that iPhone App developers are not making money through the App Store.

Another sign of the iPhone's continuing momentum: Vonage this week unveiled apps for the iPhone. The Vonage apps " available via the iTunes-based App Store and Vonage's mobile Web site " will provide unlimited international calling to 60 countries. The apps are free to download, but an unlimited international calling plan will run $24.99 per month.

The Tapulous sales boom and the Vonage iPhone apps are just two examples of the big money to be made playing in the iPhone App Store marketplace. Here are three reasons iPhone app development is boomin:

1. The Installed Base: No one can come close to the tens of millions of iPhones that Apple has on the market. That astronomical installed base makes developing applications for the Apple iPhone potentially very lucrative. The software development business is all about scale. You make big money when you sell lots and lots of applications. There simply is no other smartphone platform that comes close. All the buzz around Google Android is just that: buzz. Android has a long, long way to go before it is in the same league as the iPhone installed base of smartphone users.

2. The Apple iPhone Just Keeps Getting Better Apple has done a remarkable job of keeping the iPhone ahead of the smartphone pack. The company keeps coming up with advances that keep the iPhone well ahead of the competition.

The iPhone 3G S, which shipped earlier this year, is the perfect example of Apple's ability to continue to push the technology envelope through innovation. The iPhone 3G S is simply the fastest smartphone available for surfing the Web or streaming video from the Web. It also features voice recording, GPS and even a "find my iPhone" and remote wipe function for those that lose their precious iPhone.

3. Steve Jobs If you're an app developer, who would you rather bet on: Steve Jobs or Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and CEO Eric Schmidt? Steve Jobs has made more app developers and content providers rich than Google ever will. Jobs has built a huge successful app business around the Macintosh, the iPhone and its App Store, and even the iPod and iTunes. Jobs makes both Apple and its developers money. Brin, Page and Schmidt make Google money.

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