Google Nexus One Spotted On Walmart Website


The Walmart Nexus One page was spotted by some hawk-eyed bloggers at Google's own Android Community. The Walmart page, part of Walmart's Wireless section, indicates that "Nexus One by Google Powered by Android 2.1" is "Coming Soon!"

Neither Walmart nor Google responded immediately to a request for comment by ChannelWeb.

Offering Nexus One through Walmart means Google is already expanding its distribution strategy for the smartphone, perhaps in the wake of slow Nexus One sales out of the gate. Google's long-rumored and much-hyped phone, which debuted on January 5, is presently available only through Google's online retail store -- an exclusive sales channel strategythat many observers continue to question.

Pressed by ChannelWeb earlier this month, a Google spokesperson said that Google didn't "have any future reseller plans to share" but that was "as of today" -- leaving the door open for potential distribution down the line.

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If that's Google's new game, Walmart would be a logical step. As the world's largest public corporation by revenue, it's a retail behemoth and would instantly broaden Nexus One's reach, not to mention give consumers the ability to physically test out the phone if Google makes it available to brick-and-mortar Walmart locations.

Either way, Google's Nexus One has lost plenty of its initial buzz in the wake of poor customer service and ongoing support issues, as well as Apple stealing Google's thunder with the expected launch tomorrow of the Apple tablet.