Motorola CEO Says 2GHz Android Smartphone On The Way

The speech and press conference, reported on by the blog Conceivably Tech and other outlets, found Jha confirming the 2GHz speed but not offering additional details on the smartphone.

According to Conceivably Tech, however, an unnamed Motorola executive offered a few extra nuggets, including that the phone will indeed be an Android phone, will include a gyroscope as well as Nvidia's Tegra-based graphics processor with full Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration.

The 2GHz mention alone is enough to set the hearts of smartphone lovers aflutter, seeing as most of the latest smartphone models, including the HTC Incredible and Apple iPhone 4, use 1GHz processors, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon for the Incredible and an A4 for iPhone.

Overall, the executive told Conceivably Tech, the new Motorola phone will include "everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today."

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Motorola in 2009 threw in its lot with Google's Android OS, and the pace of its Android-based phone releases has been feverish. The much-advertised Motorola Droid, which has boosted if perhaps not completely revitalized Motorola's smartphone fortunes, continues to sell well, according to Jha, who told reporters at the Executives Club of Chicago that "if I could build more I'd sell more."

According to Reuters, Jha also said that Motorola has as many as four phones in the works for 2010 that have front-facing cameras.