Verizon Launching Two New Droids On Wednesday?

Verizon has planned a news conference for Wednesday in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco during which it is widely expected to unveil the Droid X, a new Motorola Droid-based smart phone.

That conference could also include the introduction of the Motorola Droid 2, according to the online news site Android And Me, which on Monday reviewed an early copy of the device.

Verizon is not confirming many details about the Droid X.

However, according to a Verizon teaser site, the Droid X includes a 4.3-inch display, high-definition 720p video capture, and an HDMI output for high-definition video.

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Verizon also released a video on YouTube which shows some details of the Droid X as reflected at high-speed off the eye of an unnamed person.

In the video, one of the flashes is of a Twitter account, @DroidLanding. The video also includes a flash with the words "8MP camera," which probably refers to the resolution of the device's build-in camera.

Meanwhile, the site Android And Me reviewed a device it called the Motorola Droid 2, which it said is very similar to the original Droid smartphone except that it includes a faster 1-GHz processor compared to the 550-MHz processor of the previous model.

The Droid 2 also has a new bezel shape and color, as well as a new redesigned keyboard with no directional pad, Android And Me reported.