Place Your Bets: Will Apple Recall The iPhone 4?

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The Apple iPhone 4 has been plagued by bad press due to its wireless signal strength issues, so much so that some industry watchers and analysts are dropping the dreaded R-word: recall.

The latest iteration of the now-iconic iPhone has been in users' hands for less than a month, and the wireless connectivity problem, coupled with Apple's flippant brush off of the issue, could surely be damning for Apple. But is a full-on recall in the cards?

One Irish bookmaker thinks so. Paddy Power is taking wagers on whether Apple will actually recall the Apple iPhone 4. Currently, the odds are 4/6 that Apple will recall the iPhone 4, and 11/10 that it won't.

"Complaints about poor reception and a scathing report by an influential consumer guide sparked a betting frenzy over the past 24 hours with hundreds of shrewd punters backing a potential recall with Paddy Power before the bookie had a chance to react," Paddy Power wrote.

The company added: "It looks like Apple may have been a little too fast out of the traps with the iPhone 4 launch. If current betting trends are to be believed it now seems certain that a recall is on the cards."

The Apple iPhone 4, which likely has sold well over 2 million units since it hit stores June 24, took quite a lashing earlier this week when Consumer Reports said it couldn't recommend the Apple iPhone 4 because of a flaw in the antenna design, which is causing users to experience dropped calls and weak connectivity. "There is a problem with its reception," Consumer Reports wrote, later adding in a blog that "due to this problem, we can't recommend the iPhone 4."

In response to reports of poor reception and dropped calls, Apple essentially told users experiencing the issue that it was their fault because they were holding the device wrong. Still, Apple said it will work to solve a software glitch that affects the signal strength, but insisted that the wireless performance of the iPhone 4 was top notch.

Along with the dodgy reception and wireless connectivity, the Apple iPhone 4 has also been met with a host of other complaints, many more trivial than dropped calls, but issues nonetheless.


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