Hack Enables Flash Video On Jailbroken Apple iPhone

Yes. But before you stand on the mountain tops and yell "Take that, Steve Jobs," keep in mind that it's a rough hack that still has a few – or plenty - wrinkles that must be ironed out before Flash for the iPhone is no longer as mythical as the unicorn or the chupacabra.

A hacker has created an Adobe Flash video player for the Apple iPhone, dubbed "Frash," that the hacker said will work on jailbroken Apple devices such as the iPhone 3G S and the Apple iPad. It can also run on a jailbroken Apple iPhone 4. Frash is one of many cool applications for jailbroken iPhones that have made an appearance after the U.S. Copyright Office recently ruled that jailbreaking is no longer a copyright violation.

The hacker laid out eight steps to Adobe Flash on an Apple iPhone and posted a video showing it in action.

Steve Jobs' and Apple have made very public denouncements against Adobe Flash for the Apple iPhone, despite users craving the video capabilities. Apple not supporting Flash video is a major blow for the iconic smartphone maker as Google Android devices that can run Google Android 2.2, or "Froyo," will soon see Flash video support, another victory for Android in its rivalry against the iPhone as the two duke it out for smartphone supremacy. Recently, analyst firms have noted that Google Android is starting to overtake the Apple iPhone in smartphone operating system sales and market share.

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And while the Frash application promises to enable Flash content on the iPhone, its functionality is limited. It can currently render Flash animation on Web pages, but Flash videos from YouTube and other services are still in the works.